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Continue Reading…. Both are hard working and successful but neither spends their money frivolously. Both are homebodies and like to take things slow. Neither is interested in playing games, as they are both practical and down to earth. The only issue with these two earth signs will be dealing with unplanned difficulties but luckily they are calm and rational. Things will work out for them in the end albeit slowly. Take this in-depth four elements personality quiz to understand it. Although she will gladly handle all of the responsibilities and he will be happy to let her.

They will have to compromise in the bedroom as well if you wish to have better love compatibility in this relationship. She will have to try new things and he will have to try to be more serious but if they can find a balance it may work. He can be emotional and this is something the practical Capricorn has difficulty understanding. But she can possible help him to talk things out and he can help her to appreciate more out of life.

Love Advice for Women by Zodiac Sign

They both like a comfortable home life and simple romantic gestures. As long as they are patient and understanding with each other this relationship can withstand the test of time. He will find her lack of understanding cold and cruel. They are both stubborn so they will have a hard time reconciling. Their sex life will take some work also because he is more passionate and intimate than she is.

The Best Match For Capricorn Woman 12222 (4 BEST Choices)

Again if she can stroke his ego and he can let her take the lead once in awhile, the zodiac compatibility in this match could improve. Both are hard working and prefer to save their money. Neither wants to sacrifice their career or their ideals. They may also argue as to who is on top in the bedroom as well. But as long as they learn to compromise they will see that they both want the same things. The zodiac compatibility between these two sun signs is great! Both are thoughtful and take time to make decisions. But once the Capricorn makes a decision she sticks with it while the Libra can tend to waiver.

Although the Libra man likes to keep the balance and the peace so he may let his Capricorn lead. But the problem is that the Libra is more mental and needs that stimulation while that is not important to the Capricorn. He helps to bring her out of her shell. Even in the bedroom, he will get her to try new things. And because he is so attractive and sensual she will enjoy his enthusiasm and love making. Scorpio can be very mysterious and this may bother Capricorn but if he reassures her that he is faithful to her and shows her this, they will be fine.

He is adventurous and fun while she is serious. This is true in the bedroom as well. She prefers slow and steady while he is fast and furious. Their sense of humor is so sharp, they make others think beyond their usual intelligence. A Capricorn possesses a wonderful sense of humor. The Capricorn sense of humor tends to be extremely dry and brutally sarcastic. Some can find their jokes a bit weird but those who 'get' their sense of humor often find them to be downright hilarious.

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Capricorns are level-headed people and they approach every problem with a system. If you try to put up a fight with a Capricorn, be prepared. Despite being well-versed, they admit when they are at fault. They are pure souls. They do not open up easily and they need their time.

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  7. They will never jump into things. Be it a business deal a relationship or a marriage decision. They just need to be sure about almost everything. They are basically just genuine to the core.

    Despite all the misconceptions about them, they are genuinely affectionate, amusing, and resourceful. Try not to get scared by their direct nature and no-nonsense attitude, and you will have a friend or a partner for life. Karma can be thought of simply as the law of cause and effect, and there seems to be a common belief that it refers to the results of our actions.

    For the most part Capricorn is calm and level-headed but if you really push their buttons and piss them right off they can become extremely vicious with their words. They don't need to resort to physical violence to put someone in their place.

    Capricorn compatibility table

    They just use their extensive vocabulary. They will never allow anybody treat them like shit and get away with it. When Capricorn is betrayed they are not quick to forgive or forget. The Capricorn isn't generally the type of person to just let gross acts of betrayal 'slide'.

    The Two Signs' Compatibility Traits

    They tend to have long memories and when someone abuses their trust or screws them over in a serious way they may even expel them from their life altogether and never look back. When Capricorn commits to someone they take that commitment seriously as a result they are some of the most faithful and loyal lovers in all of the zodiac. They are willing to fight through the tough times of a relationship and wont just give up on someone at the first sight of trouble. One thing Capricorn guarantees you is lifelong true friendship you can rely on.

    They are responsible saving money for retirement at an early age, never losing their phone, and picking up the kids for school on time. Capricorns are the people you can rely on for almost anything and everything.

    The Capricorn Woman

    Capricorns go after their own ambitions and manage to help you with yours at the same time. Overall, they are well-balanced in all aspects of life. Not only are they role models, but they are also the people you want around you when things get tough. Call them any odd hour of the day. They will pick you up. Make a plan for you, lead you to success and would not ask for anything in return. Capricorns will set high standards for themselves, but their honesty, dedication and perseverance make them excellent managers.

    Loyalty and willingness to work hard are the qualities that Capricorn highly appreciates, both in himself and in people from his environment. They are focused in their performance and get distracted less often. They know that nothing truly great comes easily or quickly and their traits and characteristics of patience and discipline allow them to stick things out for the long run. Capricorn-born are very resourceful and they know how to manage their time and money. They are hard workers and committed to the core. Capricorn knows that only hard work will bring success in the long run.