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This can make relationships difficult for all but the most patient and understanding. As Swans age, they become more confident in all areas of their life, including love. They may take some time making their decision, but once they choose a partner, they are loyal for life. Finding someone willing to wait for them to make up their mind is more than half the battle. Despite their tendencies toward nervousness and self-doubt, this is a sign that is meant for the arts. Swans are naturally gifted actors, who have the indescribable X-factor that draws others into their work.

Members of this sign are often multi-talented performers who also excel in dance, music, writing, and speaking. They are, in a sense, the complete package for entertaining.

When they are confident and enjoying their work, Swans shine like few others. This is also a highly organized sign that can teach, manage, and promote other performers with great ease. He wept and wept till he had no more strength left him even to cry. She carried him away and built a beautiful house and lived there with him.

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After a time, when the child was fully grown, he and the woman were married. They reared a very large family and in this way repopulated the district which had been so grievously destroyed. She turned herself into a woman and came down to preserve the Ainu race alive in that district. God also saved the child for this purpose. While the woman was alive she used to weep and lament for the people if any of them became ill or died. At that time, he writes that Paleolithic ancestors practiced their religious rituals in caves deep in the earth — caves whose bird-imagery art, anthropologists have found, was the creation of shamans under the influence of hallucinogens that let them travel in visions outside this world.

Shamanic journeys, Native American funeral rites, the alignments of prehistoric standing stones, all pointed the way to this sky-world, accessed via the Milky Way or an imagined cosmic axis. This belief shaped cosmologies around the world; influenced sacred architecture from Avebury in Britain to the temples of Mexico, Peru, and India; and lie behind all major religions to this day.

Due to a dramatic rise in cosmic rays reaching earth, the rays left subatomic traces in those same deep caves. Collins finds support in , in the U. XL, No. In these pages, she turns our attention to the stories written on the night sky as constellations, and invokes our [developmentally] primary, image-based reasoning. The heavens served as gigantic storybook for our forefathers when telling legends to their children; the sky was a map, as well as a calendar. To prove the compatibility of the Finno-Ugric nature of the Magyar language and the Hun-Magyar legend of the miraculous deer, Dr.

Scorpio is tenacious and driven, and rules death and regeneration. At the new moon, Jupiter is still making a beautiful trine to Neptune in Pisces. This is an aspect of unconditional love and unity fueled and driven by deep power. Mercury, the messenger, is wrapping up his retrograde through Sagittarius over the next week, getting us caught up on how we feel about ourselves, who we are, and where we are headed, due to his conjunctions with Saturn at his retrograde station, and with the Sun and Venus last week.

Astrology ruled by Sagittarius is a study of universal law: as above in the stars , so below within our own psyches. As within our own minds , so without in our relationships to others and to society at large. A deeper unity among an empowered people in society is largely contingent upon every person being in deeper unity within the microcosms of their own psyches, inspired by the purity of the voice within, and willing to do the work to birth a higher consciousness to make it happen in this hyper-connected, dawning of the age of Aquarius.

Powerful times call for powerful measures. Like many things on the planet these days, however, this full moon is complicated. Neptune speaks the language of dreams and Spirit, rather than logical, reasonable understandable rational thought patterns.


Neptune communicates in pictures, psychic impressions, visions, and cosmic synchronicities. It either blinds us with hypersensitivity and delusion, making us want to escape with our favorite addiction, or helps us to see through illusions we have limited ourselves by clinging to, especially now that it is trining Jupiter in Scorpio! In any case, boundaries separating people, places, and things from each other begin to blur now, and we become open vessels for spirit and cosmic intelligence, whether or not it makes any rational sense to our conscious minds.

Neptune JUST stationed direct after being retrograde since June, so its energy is amplified massively at this time.

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To get the illumination we seek at this dynamic Full Moon, we must embrace spiritual practice, surrender, and effort to communicate with compassion, grace, love, and humility. Oh-so-infamous Mercury retrograde begins the day the moon is full in the sign he rules. Communication breakdowns, misunderstandings, computer problems, travel plans changing, and business deals delaying, are to be expected if we reamain attached to the rapid pace of every-day business reality.

Mercury retrogrades are invitations to reflect, rethink, reassess, meditate, withdraw, process, and make intuitively-based decisions. This retrograde cycle, Mercury stations in intuitive Sagittarius, conjunct Saturn lord of karma, still in Sag and Black Moon Lilth wild feminine shadow energy , which is now in early Capricorn, AND squaring Chiron the wounded healer in Pisces.

A LOT going on. This is a time of rethinking and reassessing our life visions and how we want to expand into our greater purpose. We must be honest about how our life frameworks, circumstances, and commitments are either harming us by keeping us in victim consciousness, or helping us heal, grow and evolve. Sagittarius is about the big picture and our beliefs.

What's your primal astrology sign?

December is a time of rethinking our visions, and withdrawing from the normal pace of busy life to allow space for intuitive wisdom to flow. By the time Mercury goes direct and catches up to Saturn again in January, Saturn will have moved into Capricorn, not to return to Sag for another 29 years. This is quite powerful, as Mercury at this juncture is acting as a bridge between Saturn signs. It is a final inquiry from the lord of karma in Sagittarius before he moves on to grounded, pragmatic Capricorn: what is your vision for your life?

Primal Zodiac Signs By Combination (Western + Eastern)

We have to vision it and dream it before it can manifest as reality. This is what December is all about. Lilith, already in Capricorn, is taking us deep into unearthing our sense of purpose, and asking us whether or not we feel we are getting the respect we deserve. She wants to call up to the surface, clear, and integrate any authority issues we have, and get us into right relationship with authority.

https://renenezorra.tk She asks: are you projecting authority outside of yourself and taking less than your due, or are you effectively standing in your power as the author of your own life? The final noteworthy event of this Full Moon is that Mars in late Libra has arrived at his opposition to Uranus, the awakener. First Jupiter, all through , opposed Uranus in Aries. Then in October, Mercury and the Sun did the same, followed by Venus, and now finally Mars, the warrior, ready to forge ahead, make it happen, initiate, or cut and run. Expect unexpected impulses and awakenings within relationships and partnerships, or new and exciting relationships and partnerships and connections.

To forge ahead, or to cut ties and liberate yourself? In any case, other people will help us to reflect and awaken the warrior within at this time, and we will need to take action. In conclusion, this Full Moon portends a very pivotal illumination, wherein we must surrender conscious thought to feeling and extrasensory impressions and synchronicities.

We need to journal, be creative, vision, clear our minds, withdraw, and interact with those with whom we can relate in a spiritual way, elevatng and expanding our counsciousness together. Mercury and Gemini want to make plans and attain logistical clarity. It seems however, that with the Neptune aspect to the full moon and the retrograde cycle beginning, this is more of an invitation into a right-brain, intuitive period of time for December, wrapping up nearly 3 years of Saturn in Sag and all we have learned, as well as giving us a proper cosmic prompt to process the electrical shock waves of , and discover what it all means for us personally AND collectively.